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Should you consider refinishing a vintage dial?

It is true that some purists want to see an original dial on a vintage watch... even if it looks really bad. Our philosophy is more pragmatic. We believe that a nice evenly toned patina on a watch can be attractive and should be retained.

However, when the dial contains splotches and blemishes and the “patina” is unattractive and not uniform across the dial, consider refinishing the dial. If done with care, refinishing brings new life, beauty and wearability to a classic vintage watch.

How is it done?

First a printing plate is made from the design of the original dial. Then the raised markers are removed and replaced or replated if necessary. The dial is stripped down to bare metal and a new finish is applied to match what was there before. Then the printing is meticulously applied using the original plate.

If you would like to get an estimate on our dial refinishing services, click below.

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