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The following is a list of feedback we've received from our customers over the years.

Rick R from Australia

January 2020
Friday lunchtime in Australia, and I just received my package. The watch turned out absolutely beautifully! Thank you so much. I am delighted with the finish and the quality of the ‘black’. Till next time.
Bob K from Arizona, USA

March 2019
I want to let you know how pleased I am with the service you provided on my father-in-law's 72 year old Benrus. It keeps superb time and I truly enjoy wearing it. Your personal service upon delivery was unparalleled. Thank you very much. I look forward to using your service again.
Jesse S from Texas, USA

January 2019
Just wanted to let you know I received the watch yesterday. It is beautiful. Thank you for so wonderfully restoring a piece of my family history!
Russ K from Massachusetts, USA

December 2018
Although the watch wasn't valuable to anyone else it was my dad's and one of the most precious things that I own. Thanks to Bruno and his very talented watchmakers it is back in operation for another generation to enjoy
Wilton P from Arizona, USA

December 2018
Thanks for the watch restoration. It looks absolutely handsome. I am very pleased with your service.
William A from Sorrento, Australia

November 2018
Just a note to say that the Universal watch arrived safely here today - it was as well wrapped and as secure as you had dispatched it. I immediately had it wound and running and it is ticking along nicely. The stain on the dial where the hands had stood undisturbed too long is not as apparent as the photos. I will keep my eyes on your site for anything else that is interesting. Thank you for your prompt service.
Bartley P from California, USA

November 2018
I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the purchase of my Zodiac watch. Everything you do starting with the website, including the purchase of the watch, the quick shipping, the packaging and everything in between is the best I've ever seen and I've been around for awhile. You have the most efficient organization I've ever seen, bar non! It's a real joy to purchase a watch from you!!!
Mark R from California, USA

Sep 2018
Just wanted to send a quick thank you note for item #MARW9001471 - Marvin Two-Tone Silver Dial watch. Looks great and runs great!
Bill H from Tennessee, USA

Sep 2018
I received the Felca on Monday. Thanks for adjusting the arrival time. I agree -gorgeous dial and easy to read regardless of its size with the contrasting numbers and hands. The attractive and unique band really sets it off and is very comfortable. It was a little too big, but I removed the plain link without the pattern of the others and it now fits perfectly and looks great. I had to use a defibrillator to get it going, but it seems to work fine once it gets started and keeps reasonably good time in eight hour periods. Thanks for recommending this choice over the Driat, I couldn't be happier with the Felca.
Eddie T from Michigan, USA

May 2018
Hello, Bruno. I just received the watch and it is beautiful! Ran it through the functions and everything seems great. Can't wait to wear this piece. Thank you!
David H from California, USA

April 2018
I received my vintage Bulova watch today and am very happy with this beautiful timepiece. The watch is in excellent condition and is running well so far. Thank you for the quick personal response and delivery.
Eddie S from Massachusetts, USA

March 2018
Just received the watch and it is really gorgeous. Couldn't be happier. I had found you guys by accident while looking for restoration of another watch I was thinking of buying elsewhere. If I get it I may need you to bring it back to full glory like this piece.
Billy F from New York, USA

March 2018
Received the watch yesterday. It looks fantastic! Thanks very much for a wonderful and easy transaction. All the best
Bill O from Connecticut, USA

December 2017
I'm sitting here and all I can do is ask myself over and over... "how did you do this?" I mean REALLY, how did you? This is simply spectacular. I'm enclosing two photos, one before and one after. And, the after photo doesn't even do it justice! What you did with this watch is nothing short of amazing. I can't thank you enough. But, I intend to return for another restoration!!
Joey F from Beirut, Lebanon

September 2017
You're the man. That's all I can say. This has to be the best watch from your inventory. You are right, it needs no work whatsoever. This is my first vintage watch and the best in my collection. Thanks for a wonderful service. Feel free to put up my message and photo on your blog or some media that you use.
Ryan L from Kansas, USA

August 2017
I wanted to reach out to you quickly this evening and thank you for the beautiful restoration of my 1950's Benrus Bottle cap wrist watch. When I sent it in, it was in rough shape and when I opened it up last night, it was absolutely exquisite. The dial was beautiful, the glass and the case looked like new. I now have a rare beauty in my collection of vintage watches. Up next for me is sending in a rare 51 Omega Jumbo 3903 and a Tissot Seastar. Thanks again for such beautiful work.
Craig W from Minnesota, USA

August 2017
I got my watches. They are perfect. I have four from you now and they always look better than the pictures. One was a gift for my father and I don't think he has taken it off. Thank you for the quality products and excellent customer service. I will not buy anywhere else. I'll Just wait until you have what I'm looking for.
Aaron M from Arizona, USA

August 2017
Thanks for the service of my Dad's 70's era Seiko. It looks fantastic. My wife has already claimed some wrist-time with it. I guess I'll have to share.
Leslie B from Utah, USA

July 2017
Thank you, and your watchmaker, for all the effort you took to try and get my watch running for me. It was a good experience even if it didn't have the outcome I wanted. If I ever have similar business in the future I will gladly bring it to you, and point you guys out to my friends as well.
Robert W from Virginia, USA

March 2017
I first came across a vintage Gruen aviator jump watch at an antique store in Athens, Greece more than a year ago, and I regretted not purchasing it ever since. Imagine my delight when I came across the same model on your site. The transaction was quick and smooth, and the watch arrived in perfect condition two days later.
Paul S from Alabama, USA

February 2017
I received the Croton watch about a month ago & it continues to exceed my expectations--absolutely stunning watch that keeps excellent time. I also wanted to let you know how impressed I am by the level of service you've given me. I will keep an eye on your website & I'm sure we will do business again
Robert F from Pennsylvania, USA

January 2017
Thank you for the superb restoration of a family heirloom, the Longines Curvex. Dealing with you was a pleasure and every aspect of the transaction was completed in a highly professional manner. Your honesty was refreshing. I definitely will be utilizing your services again!
Brian B from Maine, USA

January 2017
Since you did the warranty repair on my watch, I have had no more problems. I wind it and wear it daily. Thought you should know. Thank you
Richard O from California, USA

January 2017
Hey Bruno - just got my Omega Seamaster 300 back and it works like never before. I think it was the seventh watch I've sent to you? Is that right? You always do top-notch work at a fair price. I appreciate your attention to detail and the quality of your work and I will continue to send you my watches AND recommend you to friends. (You probably already received another friend's Omega during the holidays.)
John C from Virginia, USA

December 2016
Bruno, got my Grandfather's watch today. LOOKS FANTASTIC!!! Thanks so much.
Bryan C from Florida, USA

January 2017
Just wanted to say that I received the watch back last night and couldn't be more impressed with the work you did. The pictures you sent don't do it justice. It's so beautiful, I can hardly believe it. It was my father's, and he passed away 23 years ago, so it means a lot to have such a gorgeous momento to remind me of him. Well done, you. [Slow-clapping here.]
John C from California, USA

January 2017
Thank you so much for the sending this over as well as for the great service (as always). I'm looking forward to wearing this! I am looking forward to sending you several watches in 2017, which are in need of service, including a couple Gallet chronographs, and some other time-only watches. Thank you again. Hope you have a wonderful new year.
Rich O from California, USA

October 2016
...My friend Russ just received his 166.073 Omega and is really, really pleased with the work you did. No surprise. I told him you were the best.
Earnie D from Florida, USA

October 2016
I wanted to provide feedback for you. I am delighted to do business with an honest company. Warms my heart to know that you do business the "Right Way" that means you do what you say. I am not sure how to say it but you I love the work you did on my watch. The recommendation of a leather watch band was great, I ordered a Gucci watch band shortly after I got my watch back. You don't know if you know this but this watch was given to me by a great friend who has died. When I look at it I think of him and that was the reason to get it restored. Good job and thank you.
Paul S from Rhode Island, USA

October 2015
I will keep you in mind for other watches. That Wyler you just worked on for me was is something I will treasure, as my Grandfather gave me it about 30 years ago, as he used to own a watch and jewelry store in my home town in the 50s and 60s. Thank you so much for the incredible restoration.
Andrew W from Colorado, USA

September 2016
I rarely write client testimonials but my relationship with vintage watch restoration has exceeded my expectations. I recently started collecting watches in the Rocky Mountain region and needed my personal watches serviced, the prices in my local area were expensive and I needed another option. After a website search I identified vintage watch restorations as a very cost effective alternative. After completing the website survey for my favorite Omega professional drivers watch, I quickly received a price quote for 50% less than the estimates I received locally. I was pleasantly surprised at the cost, so I called the phone number and Bruno answered the phone. From the moment I started talking to Bruno I realized that I finally found a true watch master craftsperson. My concerns about shipping and the level of service disappeared immediately. I shipped my Omega watch and when I received the Omega watch back from Bruno, I was amazed at the quality of workmanship. The watch has been working flawlessly. The best testimonial for any company is repeat business and I have subsequently sent several watch to Bruno for service and each one returns in amazing working order running within the specification defined for the watch. I have recommended Bruno to all my watch friends. I recently started to review some of the watches that Bruno has on his website for sale. I contacted Bruno and asked a few questions and he provided me the confidence to purchase a watch. The watch arrived yesterday and it is the star in my growing watch collection. The customer service that Bruno provides each individual is simply legendary and his business is built on trusted relationships with each client.
Rob K from New York, USA

September 2014
Received the two watches today, just as advertised and beautiful. Will leave very positive feedback. Got my eye on one more of your watches, waiting for some money to come in, slow summer. Thanks again for the great watches and great communication!
John C from New Jersey, USA

October 2014
Thank you for the repair and refurbishment on my gold Hamilton Gents 1956. I am very pleased.
Doug O from Texas, USA

January 2015
Just wanted to take a second to give you feedback from the services done for my Omega Speedmaster mk 4.5. I realize this watch caused all sorts of difficulties and there were things we targeted to do that ended up not being practical. You were very patient and kept me in the loop with excellent detail. The work: I'm extremely pleased! The watch looks and runs great. Although we couldn't do the dial and hand repainting or change the crystal the aesthetics are still greatly improved. The watch has gone from something with potential kept at home to something fun to wear. All things considered I must say bravo! I always have some horological project under way - keep an eye out for the next (hopefully easier!) item coming from me.
Jay E from Utah, USA

February 2015
Thank you, Bruno, and thank you for doing such a beautiful job on my watch. It has arrived safe and sound and it means a lot to me to be able to wear something that belonged to my Dad many years ago.
Loren B from New Mexico, USA

October 2015
It is wonderful to have my watch restored so beautifully. Thank you so much
Joe P from New Jersey, USA

October 2015
Bruno, the watch is beautiful. It will be something of my dads that I will always cherish. This Christmas I will be giving it to my son. Someday he will pass it on to his children. You have made me very happy and your work is excellent. I will gladly refer you to anyone who maybe thinking of doing something similar to what I did. I just can't believe how nice it looks. Thanks again and have a merry holiday and a happy new year.
David T from North Carolina, USA

December 2015
Hey Bruno, I received the watch in the mail yesterday. I am quite impressed with your work, thank you so much! It's clean, looks great, runs great and keeps excellent time. Thank you also for the black leather band, I wasn't expecting you to include that. I'll be highly recommending your company to other vintage watch lovers. Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Carlos T from Colorado, USA

March 2016
WOW!!! Perfect!!! Thank you very much!!!
Jay P from Oregon, USA

April 2016
I just wanted to send another message to let you know that I appreciate the service provided by Vintage Watch Restoration. The two times I've sent watches to VWR (the first time for a Gruen Pan American, and this time with the Vulcain monopusher chronograph), I've experienced the best in quality of service. As an enthusiast for vintage watches, it is a great comfort to know that I will receive great communication with the people who are providing the best of care for maintaining the life of the watches I've fallen for. I only wear the Pan American on special occasions, but it is very striking and works great, thanks to the care it received at VWR. The Vulcain looks great -- and although I haven't had the chance to wear it yet (I'm waiting for a new band) all the functions seem to be in excellent order.
Kristopher K from Maryland, USA

June 2016
I received the watch yesterday and it's spectacular. Thank you again. I will be sending out my Bulova 23 this week.