Care & Restoration

If you would like to receive an email estimate or price confirmation for any of our listed services, complete our online estimate questionnaire. Please do not send us your watch until you receive and accept the estimate we send to you. This estimate will include shipping instructions.


Movement Servicing

Service Description Typical Price **
Mechanical wristwatch Complete mechanical/manual movement cleaning and lubrication (depending if day, date, alarm, etc.) $120-150
Quartz Watch Complete quartz movement cleaning and replacement of battery $120
Pocket watch Complete pocket watch movement cleaning and lubrication $125-250
Automatic wristwatch Complete automatic movement cleaning and lubrication (depending if day, date, alarm, etc.) $160-270
Double Chronograph wristwatch Complete double chronograph movement cleaning and lubrication $370-400
Triple Chronograph wristwatch Complete triple chronograph movement cleaning and lubrication $400-450
Triple Calendar with Moonphase wristwatch Complete triple calendar with moonphase movement cleaning and lubrication $325
High Grade (ie. Rolex, Patek, Vacheron, Piaget) wristwatch Complete higher grade movement cleaning and lubrication $345-450

Dial Refinishing and Restoration

Service Description Typical Price **
Single tone Dial refinishing for a typical Swiss and American watches $120-180
Two toned Dial refinishing for two-toned dials $175-200
Chronographs and Complex Dial refinishing for complicated chronographs $175-200

Other Services

Service Description Typical Price **
Crystals* Replace plastic crystal
Replace glass crystal
Crowns* Replace with generic crown
Replace with signed crown
Hands* Replace with standard style wristwatch hands (per hand) $10
Replace pocket watch hands (per hand) $21
Refinish luminous material on hands (per pair) $46
Replating Replate and polish case $139
Additional service Polish case $29
Replace gasket Incl
Pressure test $50
Various service requests Custom repair of vintage watches, including replacement of any missing part of original part whenever possible. To assist us in providing you with an initial assessment of repair price, please complete the online form which you can access by clicking on the right. Custom

* Only offered in conjunction with movement servicing

The prices listed do not include return shipment costs, which will be added to the estimate we provide to you.

For US Shipments: USPS Priority Mail $12 or Registered Mail $20, insurance included. 
For International: USPS Priority Mail $25, Registered Airmail $35 or USPS Express Mail, $50, insurance included.